Monday, 9 February 2009

2009- A Year to Remember?

Hi all,

decided to make my first post short and sweet and let you all know what i have in store for 2009, last year for me was very succesful catching no less than 10 pb's and some of decent size! you can see these in my signature on Maggotdrowning.

With the arrival of my new pole this week, Trabucco Dream Team Carp, a new box , and other top of the range gear i aim to finally get into match fishing.


*Win a match
* Win a match with at least 50lb
* Catch a double figure fish ( 9lb 11oz last season!!)
* Bag up on the gravel pit ive struggled on for 3 years!

Ill keep you updated as to how my fishing goes on this year and hopefully we will all learn some new stuff!?


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