Sunday, 15 March 2009

15/03/2009 Sherwood forest Farm Park Fishery.

First Session Of 2009!!

Date- 15/03/2009
Venue- Sherwood Forest Farm Park Fishery.
Pond- Langdale Channel
Goal- Bag full of silvers to boost the confidence for the Summer ahead!

The Venue-

We were to be fishing Langdale Channel in the sherwood fishery complex, it is so called because the pond is oval shaped and rather than fishing from the bank you fish off an island, the pond is max 5 foot deep and is reed lines, filled to the rim with silvers and small carp and there arent many big fish in here at all, however a 4lb eel was once caught!

First blog entry ever guys so bare with me its poor!

Today i was planning on fishing a venue close to home with a mate, every year me and Toddy make the trip to sherwood Fishery and fish their silvers pond just to get into the rythm and catch some fish, which is basically guaranteed here..... But things arent always that simple.

After a chat the night before we had decided that we would start fishing at around 8 am and then just see what happens from there. was up at 6:30, had a cuppa and made sure everything was Tip-top and ready to rock! However, forgetting to take my pole to my mates house and having to run back for it made me think that this could be a tough day.

Arrived at the venue at 8am, fished the same pegs we had the previous year where we had both caught vast amounts of Crucians, Roach, Skimmers and Tench!

Today was going to be the chance to test out my new pole ( Trabucco dream team), my two top kits both came out the tube, one with a 6-10 hollo elastic and the other with Black hydro and out came the cupping kit with it.

I had chosen to fish two lines today, one down the middle for silvers and hoping to pick up the Odd tench or bream and the other to the far bank tight to the dead reeds hoping to pick up some Small carp.

Silvers Rig-

My Silvers rig consisted of 2lb Daiwa TDR Rig line straight through to a size 18 G-point Hook, the float would be a Gerrys Of Nottingham Pellet and Punch Float ( .4g ) i chose this float as it has a fairly thin but visible tip and is very light!

For this rig i planned to feed little and often with micro pellets and fish 4mm expander or 6mm expander hard on the deck.

Far Bank Rig-

This rig consisted of 3.2lb ultima power match line, Straight through to a size 16 Preson PR27, this would hang below a KC Karpa Margin Pole float 4x10. For this i planned on potting in some 4mm Pellets and Micro Pellets and to fish 6mm Expander or 4mm Expander over the top.

How The Day Went!!

Finally got set up at about 8:15Am, Started off by potting in half a small pot of Micro pellets and 4mm hard feed pellets to the far bank whilst i fed half of a small pot of micro pellets to my silvers line, after half an hour on the silvers line i switched to the far bank line and was Straight away rewarded with a small ide of about 6oz, after this the action pretty much dried up for hours!!

Decided to stop feeding as much on my silvers line and concentrate more on my Far bank Line towards dinnertime, after placing another pot of 4mm pellets in i was rewarded with a 3-4lb Mirror carp which fought well on my black hydro! After this i shipped straight back out with a couple of 4mm pellets catapulted over the top, Bang! float zipped under and i lifted into something bigger, i had retensioned my elastic just seconds before as i felt it was to easy for the fish to get into the reeds, the tightened elastic resulted in a hook pull though.

Again the action dried up, towards about 2 o clock my mate made up some groundbait and was soon catching a few chub and skimmers so i followed suit and was rewarded with a lovely chub of around 1lb-1.5lb.

Packed up around 3pm, after a frustrating day where the fish were on and off the feed all day i managed 3 fish, whilst my mate managed 6. not too bad i suppose!

for more information on the venue visit here

And if you want to add anything that would improve my catch rate please feel free to do so!


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